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Success story

Interpreting to bridge the communication gap between attendees at an annual energy sector convention


Our client is one of Spain’s most globally present companies. With offices all over the world, each year the company holds a convention that brings together over 400 members of its national and international staff. That particular year the convention was held in Barcelona.

The challenge

  • Simultaneous interpreting: here and now, in real time.
  • Six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese.

The company found itself facing the challenge of getting its message across to each and every one of its employees, communicating with everyone on the same level in order to create a well-aligned strategy. The fact that this had to be done in different languages could not be allowed to impede employees’ understanding of what was going on.
Challenge accepted.


Where Tys's assets came in

Planning and execution to the last detail…

At an event such as this, we know full well that communication and sound quality are key if everything is to run smoothly. Any miscalculation, however small, could mean total failure.

That’s why we canvassed the site prior to the event to organize installation of the necessary sound equipment, carrying out a minute study to leave no room for error. The quality of the sound equipment, the sound itself and even the selection of interpreter voices were carefully prepared with our client in mind.

…and, of course, adaptability.

Another key to this type of event is adaptability; we know all too well that things can change up to the last minute. The addition of a speaker in a new language or a change in the number of attendees are just some of the variables we have to be prepared for, which is why we were quick to react and adapt to the changes the client needed in this case.

We are fully aware that interpreting requires precise coordination and a great deal of preparation so that everything goes off without a hitch. At Tys, we treat our client’s message as though it were our own and no detail is too small when it comes to ensuring absolute success.


We expect only the best from our interpreters. All of Tys’s interpreters have mastered at least two languages, have been trained in multilingual environments and hold qualifications from top-rated interpreting schools.

The interpreters who have worked with us the longest also work at the United Nations and are stationed all over the world. That is why we are able to offer interpreting services anywhere on the map.

or this particular event in Barcelona, we assigned 12 interpreters, 2 for each language combination, and we set up a total of 6 interpreting booths.


We provided all the top-rate equipment necessary to cover the event: booths, PA system, CCTV for when interpreters are not in the room, presidential microphones, wireless microphones and receivers.

The result

The convention was a resounding success. Thanks to this project we were reminded why we go to work in the morning: to be the bridge between people who couldn’t otherwise communicate, even when that means applying complex logistics.