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Specialized translation

Every project has its own requirements in terms of deadlines, specialization, professional human resources and technology solutions. Mastering these processes unlocks the door to finely crafted projects, whatever the field: legal, economic, institutional, scientific or technical.


The art of seduction is no easy task. Entrust us with your project and we’ll make sure to grab your customers’ attention and find just the right words to get your message across. A good translation should leave you swooning.


Every website is a world of its own, and harnessing content management technology just isn’t enough. Knowledge of SEO positioning and an awareness of the cultural aspects of localization are also key. Trust us to take your website global.

Audiovisual translation

Nowadays, audio and video content is part of almost any communication project. If you need subtitles for your project, our team can lend a hand.


Sometimes even the most excellent of translations is not enough to internationalize our clients’ projects. If you’re looking to go one step further, you’re in the right place: our team is passionate about taking communication to the next level. Check out this success story for a real-life example!


Whatever the format – PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint, etc. – we deliver turnkey translations, free of any worrisome formatting issues. Picture perfect!

Proofreading and revision

Treat your texts with the respect they deserve: make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes and that they are written in the style that best fits with your project. After all, they are your calling card.


When communication is not written but live in real time and from anywhere in the world, a whole new set of actors come into play. Whether the interpreting is simultaneous, consecutive or whispered, we take care of everything, even the equipment! And when providing the service on-site is not possible, we organize your event on our remote interpreting platform.

Sworn translation

If you want the translation you are submitting to an official organization to be legally valid, then what you need is a sworn translation. Legalization procedures vary from country to country, so count on our experience to make light work of the entire process.


We translate texts in audio format or simply transcribe the original spoken message following the intervention parameters you set: literal, without speech disfluencies or fillers, or adapted to the context in which it is to be published. Using specific technology, these processes are much faster than you think!

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